Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fire and ice

Browsing my journals from earlier this year, I came across this quote that seems very appropriate at the moment:

Finding the power of the sacred, not despite suffering, but in the midst of it: This is the alchemy of the dark emotions. Through this alchemy, grief moves us from sorrow for what we’ve lost to gratitude for what remains. Fear of life’s fragility is transformed to the joy of living fully, with openness. And even despair becomes the ground of a resilient faith—not just an opiate for our pain, but a profound commitment to life as it is. — from Healing Through the Dark Emotions by Miriam Greenspan
There have been moments of grace in my life when, in the midst of intense grief and emotional pain, I was able to embrace the experience with joy and gratitude that added an almost unbearable sweetness to the agony. It is at these moments when I have felt myself transformed.

Would that those moments of grace occurred more frequently....

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