Friday, March 19, 2010

A discouraging outcome

Well, my dream groups didn't make, despite a promising start. In the end, only one person, out of the hundred or so that I invited, actually signed up. This is a tough time of the year, and a tough time economically, so it's not altogether surprising. But I'm feeling pretty discouraged.

Many people are interested in dreamwork, no doubt about that. And I truly want to share what I know about the subject, because my approach is quite different from that of most people. If there was ever someone with the qualifications to help others understand their dreams, it's me. But this is the third time I've tried the groups, and the third time there haven't been nearly enough people to hold them.

My ego is having a real problem with this outcome, not surprisingly. But I remind myself that pushing the river is never a good idea. Things happen, or don't happen, when and how they  need to because of linkages and resonances that we cannot understand. Maybe at some point, years from now, I'll be able to say, "Oh, now I understand!" as I catch some faint glimmer of a pattern.

You can't push the river. On the other hand, you can't just sit passively and say, "Well, something will turn up." You have to keep watching, looking, following your passion, and taking whatever step shows up into the dark. I've lived like this for years--my dissertation evolved in just this way--so I know what to "do."

That does not make it any easier.

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Missy Ricesenleiter said...

I think this subject is absolutely fascinating. I have been keeping a dream journal for awhile, and see certain "patterns", i.e., being late to work (which I never am), cannot find my husband (which I always can), not being prepared for a dance program (I think my calling is received well).....So, I hope to be able at some point to take advantange of Kay's wonderful dream workshops and try to understand this world that I obviously do not understand. Thank you, Kay, for sharing this knowledge and insight.