Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Shift in Reality

I have a smooth, black stone that was 'given' to me by Grandmother Ka’ahumanu, one of my Guides, back in 1996—actually, thirteen years ago this week. For nearly ten years I carried it in my pocket as a talisman, but quit a few years ago for some reason. Early this year, Grandmother asked me one night (in her sternest tone), “Where is the talisman?” “Um, well, I…. It’s on my dresser. I was afraid I’d lose it!” Needless to say, after that reprimand, I’ve started carrying it again.

One day in March I was at my therapist’s office, and I took the stone out of my pocket, looked at it, felt its weight and its smoothness, and realized once again that the reason I need to carry it with me is that it somehow facilitates the contact with the Imaginal World—I don’t know how or why, but it does. That’s what talismans do. So I put it back into my pocket, then went in and had a gut-wrenching, breakthrough session with the therapist.

On the way home, after running a couple of errands, I realized the stone was no longer in my pocket. Assuming it had fallen out, I retraced my steps everywhere, went back to the office to look for it—everything, to no avail. I was terribly upset—this stone has real meaning for me! But it was nowhere to be found. I had lost it for good.

Then, late in the afternoon, I went upstairs to get ready for a dance. There, on the dresser where I always keep it (but on the other side), was the darn stone….

Now, you could say that I imagined this whole thing—but I know better. Reality is more malleable that we’ve been told: it can shift. Reality can shift, and it’s important that we realize this. Breakthroughs can happen—patterns can change—wounds, psychic or bodily, can be healed. It gives me tremendous hope.